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In Front of the Camera

What I like about writing is that you do it in your own space. There is no need to be anything or appear in any particular way. However, marketing requires it.

I've tried various head shots, and none seem to satisfy me. I have used a professional in the past and they made me look good. But, I still feel that the me I am looking at isn't the me that I feel is me. Work that one out!

Perhaps it is because a writer writes in 3D, they have to. They see each character as full person with all thier faults and hesitancies, thier internalised moments and the many faces they offer to others. Any novel written in a 2D way would surely be lacking.

This has made me realise something. I started out in theatre, then went on to study sculpture. Both made sense, they inhabit real space, but when I tried painting, it was an impossible task. I just don't get it and I've tried. Really tried. My drawing skills are OK, but painting seems to elude me. When it came to writing, it all made sense again.

I love you painters and admire you. I will probably try again because I love the process, but I don't expect to succeed. For the time being I am going to stick to writing. I feel I have just punctured the surface with Kitty Canham and itch to get going again when the stress of marketing has settled.

Most of my life has been about making something out of mistakes. So, I decided that this tritych of mistakes could be my most recent headshot (if only it fitted into the little square so often offered). It is so much more me.

Thanks for looking and listening.

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