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  Brass Button Productions

In the summer of 2023, friends got together to talk about thier first love, theatre. How small ideas grow when you have an enthusiastic and comitted team! Soon we began on the adaptation of the novel, Kitty Canham, based on real events that took place in Thorpe-le-Soken in the 1750's.  Find out more about her story here. 

We believe in the life affirming experience of being involved in theatre are comitted to bringing together both professionals and community to develop exciting theatrical experiences. Lifehouse spa and hotel also believe in local community and have kindly sponsored us in providing a beautiful space for our initial workshop.



Sunday, March 17th

2pm - 5pm

Lifehouse spa & hotel, Thorpe-le-Soken

We are seeking new and experienced creatives across Tendring to take part in bringing Kitty's story to life. We need performers and technicians, in fact, if you are interested in what we are doing, come along. 

Please register your interest at: 


Kitty on Stage


Wrestling with production ideas


Images from our journey so far. 



Jane Clifton is an Essex based actor who returned to the business a few years ago after taking a break to raise her family. Since returning to acting Jane has become interested in writing and directing and would like to develop her skills in these areas further. Jane feels strongly about making theatre that is accessible to everyone and creating opportunity for people to get involved. Jane is excited to be working with a team of such talented women to bring the story of Kitty Canham to the stage.

Nicky Matthews is a local creative. She began as an actress and for a number of years produced and directed at Frinton Summer Theatre. She went on to produce Community theatre in Colchester, Wivenhoe and Frinton. She is also a sometimes Artist and poet. However, her latest creative pursuit was to write the novel, Kitty Canham. When asked by Jackie and Jane to adapt the book into a play, she jumped at the chance to return to theatre. She is so enjoying working with a wonderful team of friends and the inevitable fun and laughter that happens when making theatre. 


Emily Woods has always had a passion for theatre; performing and working behind the scenes of Frinton Summer Theatre throughout her youth.  Her adult life took her in a different direction including living abroad and in recent years home educating her 3 children. She has always found opportunities to use her creativity and loved supported Nicky in creating community theatre. Emily is ready and excited to return to her love for performing arts.


Jackie Morton-Hart is a local painter and teacher who has participated in Performing Arts for over forty years, both in schools and community projects. She is particularly interested in working on staging and has worked on a variety of productions. (A favourite was an enormous papier-mâché Trojan Horse capable of containing five cast members!)

She loves the magic that comes from creating believable spaces and aiding the suspension of disbelief in a performance. The chance to work on a brand new play during a time of bereavement has been a life saver for her. As she says, “What can be better, and bring more solace than sharing an intensely creative project with wonderful friends?”

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