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History Through Fiction Podcast

It was such fun to do. I didn't realise I had so much to say! I cover writing and the ADHD connection. Colin Mustful is a sensitive host and really knows how to draw his interviewees out. I thoroughly recommend Joanna Davidson Politano interview about her novel The Lost Melody. You can listen to it here.

What I'm up to.

Well, how the winds change. I am changing my domain name to nicolamcreates. It seems to make more sense of a creative life that is broader than any one discipline. Recently I have enjoyed a return to art and particularly painting, but more importantly, I am going back to my roots and am re-writing Kitty Canham into a Theatrical production. 

I am now part of a small production team. (at present called, Four Old Women Put on a Play, though we are five and two of us are young!) If you'd like to know more have a look at my blog.


Poetry Evening

I took part in a poetry reading eveing at the Ship, Great Holland, with the Tendring Writers. It was great fun and there was a real ecclectic mix of poetry. However, it's good to remember that sometimes pubs can get noisy. We fought with the guffawing of folks at the bar having a jolly good time. As they should in their local. There was also a contretemps between freedom of speech and political correctness. These evenings are never boring! 

Men's Probus, Frinton on sea. 

I started out by stating how strange it was for me to be talking to a room full of men in suits. I told them that I always warned my daughters, 'never trust a man who polishes his shoes.' They took it in good heart and were welcoming of a woman from a very different part of town. Afterwards, I spoke to a man whose grandson has ADHD, he said how he turns on the bath and leaves it, and so flooding the bathroom. I had to confess to having done it that week. There was an inch of water on my bathroom floor. Had to take the floor up. It's still drying after three weeks! 



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