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The Production

Four of us gathered to talk about the possibilty of adapting the novel into a play. At first it was a small thing, but soon the idea grew. We are now looking towards an open air theatre in the summer 2024. The opening show will take place in Beaumont-cum-moze, the beautiful area in which Kitty was born. 

Each of us were involved in theatre, professionally and non professionally, when we were young. We went on to live other lives. We are now drawing all that experience together in this exciting project. We began with much laughter and many crazy ideas. We find ourselves now at the challenging stage of gathering those elements to create a production, with all it's own constraints, that is true to the book and yet that holds its own identity.  If you'd like to be kept informed of process, join my mailing list

Wrestling with production ideas


Holly Baynes, actress, advisor and wonderful support

Heading to Hamford Water for a photo shoot.

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