Second Novel

I have begun writing again. I am thinking around my second novel which will springboard from Kitty Canham. A woman dies. All we know of her death is that when Kitty is taken to her resting place, the novel states that the Sarah 'is waiting for Kitty, having given up hope the year before.' We know that her relationship was abusive. Her son, Nathaniel, is eleven when she dies. It his story. He returns to visit his estranged father who is dying, some twenty years later. I will be blogging about the process soon. If you want to be kept informed do join my mailing list here

Library Events.

I am a rare animal; an extrovert writer, so I very much look forward to the library visits. The first is took place in Harwich Library on Tuesday 27th September. It was lovely to meet writers of Harwich. What an engaging lot.


And what encouragment as I head toward my second talk at Frinton Library, on Saturday 15th October. It'll be great to be in the town that was my home for 25 years. My husband and I ran the theatre in Frinton for many of those years. 


My First Podcast

I did a podcast for Colin Mustful of History Through Fiction. It was all a bit daunting. It takes a bit of getting used to speaking to a blank computer screen. But I enjoyed it once I forgot myself and just talked. It doesn't come out till March, but I'll keep you posted. 

Radio Interview
I had fun with Liz mullen who is the producer of the British Forces Broadcasting Service, and who interviewed me for a culture slot at the end of her morning programme. I knew her from my previous life when my husband, Seymour, and I produced the Frinton Summer Theatre. We had lunch then settled down to questions. I do hope there is something of interest in there for the listeners. 

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