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My attempt at a selfy on a windy day!


You know what? This expresses me better than any posed photo could... A little bit chaotic, ever hopeful and some might say, relentlessly creative. 

I like being me, most of the time. Hope you feel the same. 


I have travelled through many creative disciplines, starting out in dance, I then went into theatre. In midlife I went to Art school and studied sculpture. Poetry has been a constant companion but I consider myself, first and foremost, a story teller and observer of the human condition. Writing Kitty's story has been a wonderful opportunity to do just that.


My home is on the ragged coast of Essex, England. In 1720, a young woman called Kitty Canham was born nearby. It is our shared landscape which inspired me to write my debut novel based on the fascinating story of her life.  I discovered writing late, being one of the many dylexic ADHDers, that were diagnosed late in life. I am glad to have found writing and I look forward to begining my next novel which percolates as I write. May you find joy in all your eneavours.  

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