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Over the years I have written poetry. It takes time to set oneself aside from all the loves and interests around you; the things that make every day bearable. I found it as difficult as any until I fell ill with chronic fatigue, During the years when I was laid aside, I found time to turn inward and let poetry form. It was cathartic to turn what so often felt dark, into something else, something that had meaning.  And so my little book of poems was born. 

It is colated in four sections:

Little Wisdoms,

Random thoughts. 



The struggle against the dark of chronic fatigue.


An Uncertian Knowing

These poems were written while taking short walks during my illness and immersing myself in nature. They reflect the journey I have taken over many years away from traditional Christian faith towards something more universal. 


This consists of two poems. I look forward to adding more in my next colation. 





I think, in truth, if I

were to know the end

of my search

from its beginning,

the journey would

lose its meaning,

its longing,

its own sweet touch.

It is tears

that are un-teared

and rage un-staged

that beats against

the raggfed heart, 

and causes light 

to catch and spark

revealing beauty 

in the dark. 

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