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Workshop coming up!

Updated: Feb 19

Our final draft of the script is well on the way and we have our first sponsor, Lifehouse in Thorpe-le-Soken, the villiage in which Kitty lived. Spring is on the way and we are so looking forward our first workshop. If you'd like to meet the team, head over to

the Production page. At the workshop we are looking to create a cohesive ensemble who will actively move through the peice guiding us through the seasons and locations. We will also need technicians, carpenters, people that sew, folk musicians etc. So do please pass on the info. We can be contacted at if anyone is interested.

The Adaptation

The adaptation has certainly been a learning curve. In writing her story, we chose what we thought was most relevant, cutting a number of characters, but we still found we had enough for a six part TV drama! So we went back to the drawing board. We had to consider what the heart of the story is, what we really want to leave the audience with, which characters were non negotiable. It has certainly needed all our creative output and a braveness of heart. Then there were the practical things like how many actors we could use; how we'd denote the passing of the seasons; in what kind of location should the play be produced. For instance, open air theatre would be wonderful for the sweeping country scenes but the more intimate and oftentimes tragic scenes would be better expressed in a theatrical environment. As it happens, as it is now looking like a production in the autumn, so that particular question is pretty much answered. Though we still have to nail the venue.

We now have our blueprint for the script and the adaptation is well under way. As you can see we feel it is time to bring others in and are looking forward to the workshop, which will no doubt be punctuated with much laughter!

May all your own endeavors go well.

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