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Flesh on the bones.

What a fabulous gang we had at the workshop. A great mix of professional actors and enthusiasts. I have never worked with a mixed cast before. So glad we are doing so, each brought something different to add in. So much creativity in the room. It was amazing how quickly everyone entered into the process and contected with others to create some lovely work. We are now really getting flesh on the bones.

We started by reading a portion of the script, which was very helpful in exposing the clunky bits that need a bit of work. But also it was good to see that we are indeed capturing the heartbeat of the book as we transpose it into a play.

Jane led a short, but sweet physical warm up which helped us get in touch with our bodies. Do try patting yourself all over, it was so invigorating! Something that was fascinating was to see how, when the group walked the room as if it was spring, they walked tall. As soon as Jane said it was the heat of summer, the whole room sank in height. Fascinating (I expect we are all walking a bit taller now spring is finally upon us).

Then the actors worked in groups to denote a particular change in time and place. For instance, summer on the farm to autumn at the market. My goodness, again I can only say thank you to all our delegates, they were fab and worked things out in different ways, giving us, as a team, much inspiration.

We had many laughs, pushed our boundaries and generally had a great time.

What's next? I'm on to the second act. But first, we have to seriously look at funding. With the a boost in confidence we will set forth. I'll keep you posted.

Blessings in all your endeavors.

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