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Save the Date

It's all happening. The script is completed. The barn at Beaumont is booked, with thanks to Jules Woods who generously offered the venue to us. It will take place on the 14th&15th September, which is perfect because the play itself opens at Mabon; the September celebration which took place in the farming communities in Kitty's time.

We are so looking forward to welcoming audiences to Beaumont House Barn, which will be transformed into Kitty's world.

This whole project has had its ups and downs. That is the nature of such artistic endeavour. It is sometimes difficult to hold on to a project that is not concrete, which of course, theatre at the beginning rarely is. But for us it is even more so. We began with no script, no venue and no actors. The script took longer than we had envisaged which was frustrating at time. If you have read my previous blogs, you will know something of the challenges of adapting a novel into a play; having to say goodbye to characters you love, then only to re-introduce them down the line; avoiding the trap of reducing a story to a naff Jane Austin pastiche.

However, we are there. It was so exciting to finish our recent read through with a corporate, 'Yes! we have a play'. And, dare I say, a pretty good one. My husband, Seymour, who was an actor all his working life, agrees.

If you'd like to support us pop over to my website:

where you will find a gofundme link.

May you have pleasure in all your endeavours.

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