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Book Bomb Promotion

Like most writers or artists of any discipline, I struggled with the concept of PR. I had put all my energies into writing my debut novel. It took eighteen months of my life. There is all the research involved in writing an historical novel, then digging deep to draw out the best to weave an integuing tale. After all that, you have the edits, which seem to go on forever and finally you publish. Exciting right? Hmmm. Not so much. However good your book is, it is no good if no-one reads it. Just like a painting is made to be seen or a song to be heard, a novel cries out to be read, it is the whole point of its existance.

For the artist, creating an art work is what its all about. Then, (I hear a corporate artist groan) comes the time to promote your work.

Thankfully, I came accross the publicist and general wonderful woman, Hannah Hargrave (You can find her here). The first thing she pointed out was that I should have started promoting months before publishing. Well I missed that. So we had to think outside the box. It seems that publicity can be fun and very creative. So, I am leaving some of my babies... oops books, on benches when I visit the towns and villages along the North Essex coast, where my novel is set.

Today I was strolling along the iconic seafront of Frinton on sea. What a beautiful place for a sunny walk. If you find a copy of my novel, I do hope you enjoy it and pass it on. Keep an eye out, because I'll post my next book bombing location on twitter instagram and my facebook page. It could be near you! And whatever you are reading, enjoy.

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