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A Brain Full of Flowers

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

As soon as I saw this gif, I recognised it as a reflection of my mind, and sometimes I love it. Other times, not so much. It's great when you are drifting and smelling the flowers, but if you are meant to be administrating accounts or even making order in the day ahead... it can be a pain.

I am hijacking this blog to bring in a mention of ADHD. If you are an adminstrator, we are the ones who drive you mad; who you have to contact three times until we get the date and time right; who turn up late, even though we left early; who fill in the form wrong. It is not laziness or stupidity, we just weren't made with those abilities. However, we have many other wonderful abilities. We can think on our feet, solve problems, work out what's needed quickly in an emergency, in fact, there may not be much of an ambulance service without us. We love all that leaping into action. Though, I personally couldn't have done it. For me, bodily fluids should stay inside the body at all times, if they escape I will not be attending them!

Anyway, I'll leave you with a little ditty I use when giving talks. It is not high poetry, just a bit of silliness aimed to give you a flavour of my life's acheivements.

I'm Not Yet Dead

I’ve been actor


toy maker,

Dance teacher.



set designer and painter

Night club dancer,

believe it or not,

I even gave the cold meat counter

a shot

Cleaner at the coop

and for lovely old dears,

but it was the Doc’s reception

that ended in tears.

Sales assistant.

Student at last.


art teacher,

now all in the past.

Funeral celebrant

and bar staff.

Property developer,

but that didn’t last.

Then covid came

and we all went mad,

so I sat and wrote a story

in the home work fad.

Through lockdowns

I travelled far and wide,

in the eighteenth century

through Kitty’s eyes.

Whatever else I do

I am a story teller,

and who knows, my book

could become a best seller.

I became an author,

it could be said,

but I wouldn’t hold your breath

because I’m not yet dead!

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