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Inspiration... Help!

As I write, I am on the ninth day of covid. Stuck at home with a fuggy brain and I'm getting antsy. I want to get creative. I want to do something... anything. But foggy brain and unispired. And then next door started up the chainsaw! He's doing some tree surgery. Great! So there is nothing for it. I made for my garage, which is my studio/dumping ground and which is, thankfully, at the front of the house. Then I started to collage.

Ah the beauty of collage. No brain work needed. No messy brushes to clean. No blank canvass. Just a bit of card, magazines, scissors and a stick of glue that's so old and gummy it would stick your false teeth in.

But seriously, whenever I need an outlet I go to collage. The juxtapostion of images and words is always intreguing. You can lose yourself in it for hours. It could just be my ADHD coming out, but when I look at the crazy mess I've stuck together, it somehow makes sense of my brain. After that I can get on with life better.

I thoroughly recommend collaging. Its certainly therapeutic and sometimes inspiring. And better than moping or trying to achieve that thing on your list that is so important, but that always manages to end up at the bottom.

Whatever you do to destress and re-energise... enjoy.

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