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The storm after the calm

Why does the end of a creative project always feel like a desert place? You've completed your project. You have done what you love; pulling elements together to create something new. You even get a good response. The juice that kept you going through the long months has dried up. Surely a rest is what you need? So you try, but soon the sound of a restless wind ripples over the desert horizon until it blows in your ears and knocks you to the ground.

OK, so I may be over reacting, and I'm getting better at remembering this is what happens and that its OK. It will pass. But expressing it feels goood.

Something else that may have something to do with this moment, is the tedious business of promoting ones art. When something is quite against one's nature, the execution of it can feel relentless.

Still, on we go. We finish our creative output, saying, 'never again'. Until the next time.

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