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Enthusiastic of Kirby

Updated: Sep 6, 2023


I was told when I started to write that everything I did had to say who I am. If I wanted be successful I could not simply write a book, I would have to behave like a writer. So that's what I did, as best I could. It worked and I am still so grateful to my publicist, Hannah Hargrave, You can find her here I highly recommend her. BUT... I know in my heart of hearts that I am a creative and have an ecclectic interest. So, I tried to change my website link from nicolamwrites to nicolamcreates. Not being techincally minded, nothing changed. So I stick to the original. And anyway, I am still a writer; I write poems, short stories, I've written a novel and now... I'm writing Kitty Canham into a Theatrical Production (more in the following paragraph). But beside all that, I've taken up painting again, as you can see from the small image above. I simply wanted to share with you my joy in all creative output. At some point I hope to open a page for my art work, so you can see how, and if, it develops.


How it came about

A friend has a friend (sounds like a joke right?)... A friend has a freind who is an actor. She said that she'd like to put on a production locally. First friend suggested I tranform the story of Kitty into a play. I started out as an actor, was involved in the production of weekly rep at Frinton-on-sea, and have produced a number of community productions. So.. it whetted my appetite.

I wrote the first scene, set at the Harvest home, where Sarah and Nathaniel are becoming betrothed and where Kitty realises how much life is about to change. Our small team of three became five and we gathered to read it through. The excitement in the room was tangible. We could see how we could create a production using a small band of professional actors, alongside members of the community who'd take part in the big scenes, like the Harvest Home.

At this point we were more enthusiastic than strategic. However, we met with Neil Darcy Jones of The Packing Shed Company and our vision became a possibility. He not only gave us lots of great info, he imparted confidence. Thank you Neil. Do look out for his productions. They are fab.

We are now thinking funding, venues, timeline etc. etc. And, I will be writing. I'll let you know more about the challenges of turning a novel into a script in the next blog.


We are in the early stages, but, I will keep you posted on progress. I will continue to paint, to write, and enjoy my new office, an old Hymer motorhome!

I wish you all well in your own endeavours.

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