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Welcome to my site, have a look around and you'll see I am a woman with many creative outlets. But for now I am involved in the adaptation of my book, Kitty Canham, for stage. Our first production workshop is coming up. In the meantime if you are more interested in poetry you can find more here. Or for novel itself, here.

May you find joy in all your endeavors.


The beautiful backwaters where I live and where Kitty lived 300 years before me. 


Kitty Canham - The production


We are a small band of women who are returning to thier first love, theatre. And so the adaptation of Kitty Canham has begun. We are aiming to create a production that will open in 2024 at a location, yet to be decided, on the coast where Kitty lived. Have a look at the production page and keep and eye on my blog. There you will find more about our progress and struggles!


The wonderful production team. Collaboration is a fantastic things. Our collaberation involves of getting together and eating cake, oh... and thrashing out ideas. We are never short of words! Our team consists of Jane Clifton, Jackie Morton-Hart, Emily Woods and Holly Baynes who pops on board when her other acting engagments allow.

Find more about the team on the production page

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