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Kitty Canham - The Production. 

We are a small band of women who are returning to thier first love, theatre. And so the adaptation of Kitty Canham has begun. We are aiming to create an open air production to be produced in 2024 on the coast where Kitty lived.  Have a look at the production page and keep and eye on my blog. 

I will introduce you to the team as soon as they send me their headshots and biogs! 

Verified Amazon Reviews. 


"Whilst familiar with the tale of Kitty Canham, I found the authors interpretation and imagination delightful, touching and searching in equal measure.'

 'Intending to read it on holiday, I had nearly finished it before I left. A wonderful read, I can't recommend this book highly enough. More please Author.'



Thank you to everyone who has taken time to leave a review of Kitty Canham, I much apreciate it. 

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